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Rep. Green: Background checks are just another “tack-on law” that punish law-abiding gun owners
RELEASE|March 9, 2023
Contact: Phil Green

State Rep. Phil Green, who chairs the Second Amendment Caucus in the Michigan House, released the following statement after Democrats passed legislation creating universal background checks for gun transfers and universal firearm licensing:

“This is a sloppy bill that was hastily rammed through the legislative process amidst calls for action.

“We have seen a lot of inaction through an unwillingness to enforce laws that we currently have that are meant to prevent violence from occurring. Democrats should make sure prosecutors are willing to enforce new laws. The new laws would increase government surveillance and hope it’s a cure-all for criminals who have decided they aren’t going to follow the laws to start with.

“There will be unintended consequences for law-abiding gun owners, including sales between family members, and added responsibility for law enforcement with this legislation. It’s not exactly clear how these laws would be enforced, and these types of speed bumps actively work to curtail Second Amendment rights.

“We can work for better, more effective solutions that respect our unalienable freedoms and work to decrease violence. I remain committed to doing so.”

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