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Rep. Prestin works to restore Pure Michigan funding
RELEASE|July 26, 2023
Contact: David Prestin

Rep. Dave Prestin today expressed support for the Pure Michigan campaign that promotes tourism in the U.P. and condemned drastic cuts made to the program by those in majority.

The Pure Michigan budget will take a $15 million hit next year, despite the state recently passing a record-high budget. This has raised serious concerns among supporters of the vital tourism campaign. Prestin said the program will undoubtedly face significant challenges with limited resources, ultimately leading to less effective results for the U.P.’s tourism industry.

“Pure Michigan has long been an instrumental force in bolstering the state’s tourism industry,” said Prestin, of Cedar River. “The short-sightedness of the Democrats in majority will lead to a less competitive Michigan. Therefore, my colleagues and I directly asked the governor and state appropriation chairs to restore this critical funding.”

On Monday, Rep. Prestin and a group of Northern Michigan legislators sent a letter to Gov. Whitmer and Appropriation Chairs Rep. Angela Witwer and Sen. Sarah Anthony, urging them to restore Pure Michigan funding. Reports show that for every dollar invested in Pure Michigan, roughly $9 is injected into the state economy.

“This extreme cut is a slap in the face to the countless Yoopers who rely on the 100 million-plus visitors that come to Michigan every year,” Prestin said. “Those visitors spend upwards of $23 billion which directly supports more than 200,000 jobs. In the U.P., trail use by snowmobiles in the winter and ORVs in the summer are vital to our economy. Pure Michigan regularly promoted these activities to states that can’t offer such unique recreation. This funding cut will harm local communities and their economies throughout the U.P.”

Prestin says he plans to continue his work to restore funding to the vital program to ensure its continued success in promoting tourism and driving economic vitality in the U.P.

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